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Bentley the Bear, a realistic teddy bear costume posing on the Dragonfly, a narrowboat.

Bentley’s Easter Egg Hunt

For Easter 2021 The Wilts and Berks Canal Trust enlisted our help to bring their Easter egg hunt alive! With the easter bunny otherwise engaged, our very own Bentley the Bear stepped up for his own ‘egg’cellent adventure.  Situated at the Dragonfly’s permanent mooring in Wichelstowe, the Covid-safe event was a huge success and raised over…
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Teddy Bear Mascot costume Bentley The Bear

Bentley The Bear making headlines.

Bentley’s recent walk got picked up by local news site, Inyourarea.co.uk. We never intended for Bentley’s exercise to be in the news- it was very much a gesture for our local community. We saw a way of making people happy in a worrying time, and thus we made it happen as best we could. Nonetheless,…
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Professional dog costume filming

During 2019 I was asked to coordinate and perform as Baxi

During 2019 I was asked to coordinate and perform as Baxi the dog in an online short promoting an upcoming series of live broadcasts. Baxi is the surprisingly smart and loyal sidekick to his owner, doing whatever is needed for the pair to stay on track. In this promo video, Baxi saves the day several…
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Teddy Bear character costume Bentley The Bear

Bentley’s Essential Exercise Adventure!

Bentley’s Essential Exercise Adventure! During the Coronavirus outbreak, Bentley the Bear has been using his allowed one exercise session per day to spread some cheer in his local neighbourhood. Inline with the government advice, Bentley kept at a safe distance but this didn’t stop a lot of people enjoying his company. We would like to…
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Teddy Bear Mascot with Cherry Blossom

Beautiful Cherry Blossom with Bentley the Bear

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we thought we would share some pictures we took last year of the wonderful cherry blossom in our local park. Bentley the Bear looks quite adorable in the setting as he does in many others. Did you know that Sakura 桜 in Japanese mean Cherry Blossom or Cherry blossom…
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Teddy Bear mascot Costume

Happy Valentines Day from Bentley Bear!

Happy Valentines Day from Bentley the Bear!  Want to hire this adorable 8 foot teddy for your own event? Please see Bentley’s Own Page – It’s unBEARlievable!!

realistic bear suit Wild america
rupaul Godzilla Mascot
Godzilla costume at SYFY Wire NY
Godzilla Toho Costume at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Godzilla turns 65

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