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Welcome to Mascot Ambassadors!

We provide professional Special Effects Costumes, Creature Suits and Mascot Character Costumes across the UK, Europe & North America!

What makes Mascot Ambassadors different is decades of dedication to performance and our large inventory of professional costumes to choose from. We have our own selection of trained actors that come with our costumes, ensuring the very best performance. Whether you need a realistic Bear or Tiger costume for your Movie or TV production, a giant living Teddy Bear for your live event, or something entirely different, Mascot Ambassadors are ready to help you!

Film & TV Resources  


We love getting involved in movie production, TV shows, and commercial filming. We have talent and enthusiasm on tap!

With decades of experience within the TV and Film industry, we understand that things can change at very short notice. We do our best to be available for your project, and accommodate urgent requests where possible. 

We also have one of the world’s largest selections of realistic, animatronic animal costumes available for your production. Please check out our Special Effects Costumes page to see some of our screen-quality options.

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Atmosphere Characters

Realistic Beagle Costume for TV FILM

From ‘meet & greets’ to bespoke performances, we have the moves to entertain and bring energy to your fans!

People take and upload photos of mascots all the time, and this is the perfect marketing opportunity for your company. Brand awareness is a powerful tool, and most importantly, this is a free side effect of having a mascot.

We have a wide selection of characters available for hire, and will always look at ways to incorporate your brand image. From wearing your brand’s apparel to custom props, we can do it all. 

Our characters can equally provide the entertainment for your event. We can create bespoke shows and street theatre, perfectly matched to your audience. 

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Help me figure it out

Cute Polar Bear Costume for TV FILM EVENTS

Not sure what you need? Please get in contact and provide as much info as you can. We will provide advice in the areas that we specialize, be it costume performance or designing your first mascot.

We also offer project management for companies and individuals who are interested in using mascots for brand awareness, events and just about anything else a mascot could participate in. 

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Our latest Special Effects Costume Reel. Imagine what we could do for you!

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For a quote or to discuss bespoke services that we can offer, please feel free to get in contact with us.

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