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Regal the Beagle – A very Friendly Semi Realistic Beagle. Great For Special Events & TV

Regal Mascot costume
realistic beagle costume
realistic beagle costume

Regal is our newest addition to the Mascot Ambassadors family. Spotted on our travels in Taiwan, we just fell in love with this character and had to have him!

We have big hopes for Regal. He’s the first realistic, professional quality dog costume available for event hire in the UK. With his puppy dog eyes, realistic colourings and very soft fur, Regal the Beagle will be best in class at any event he attends.

We already have loads of ideas we can’t wait to try with Regal, and are very excited to see just where he may end up.

  • Need a guest judge for your local dog show?
  • Need a friendly mascot for your summer fayre?
  • Or perhaps your business wants a new character to promote your brand?

Whatever the occasion, our team will ensure that Regal is on his best behaviour. Like all of our characters, we provide both the mascot costume and  the highly skilled team of performers and handlers needed to bring Regal to life.

With Mascot Ambassadors, there is no such thing as a standard package. Talk to us about how we can tailor an appearance by Regal to your needs. From custom made collars featuring your branding, through to bespoke activities and events throughout the day, we can provide it all.


Beagle mascot costume
Realistic Beagle Costume
Beagle mascot costume studio

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