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 Karluk, Our Realistic Animatronic Kodiak Grizzly

Karluk the SPF animatronic bear and Katy Perry
Realistic Kodiak Grizzly Special Effects Quad animal costume for Hire
realistic bear costume for hire

Karluk is a fiersome, hyper realistic Kodiak Grizzly Bear. His looks are highly convincing, and the suit retains a high amount of flexibility making him suitable for many applications.

Karluk is available with 2 head options: a standard head with cable controlled mouth open/close and a fully animatronic variant.

The animatronic head adds lip, nose & ear movement controlled wirelessly through radio control, whilst the performer controls the mouth.

Karluk is only available with our trained professional operators.

Realistic Kodiak Grizzly Special Effects creature suit for Hire
grizzly bear katy perry photoshoot
realistic bear costume for hire

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