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Need to make a BIG impression at your event? Our larger than life Polar Bear is for you.

Adorable Polar Bear Costume Suit
Polar Bear Professional costume
Polar Bear Mascot Costume Filming

With a design much closer to a giant soft toy than a traditional costume, Avalanche is the cutest Polar Bear available to hire. Without the plastic rings or other structures normally found within mascot costumes, when children and adults hug Avalanche, it feels just like hugging a living, breathing soft toy.

Avalanche is a one of a kind Bear, with a laid-back approach to life. What he lacks in athletic ability, his size and unique look bring the wow factor wherever he goes. Need that at your event? Get in touch today!

Avalanche is a specialist costume that has been custom built just for our performing team. For any booking, he comes with his own, perfectly sized performer and support crew.

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